Patagonia is really ‘from whence we came.’ Craig Wilson managed the entirety of its multi-channel strategy and direct business from its inception, scaling its growth from one to one-hundred million dollars.

However, answering the question of loyalty is the most intriguing part of the story. Affectionately known as “Dirtbags,” Patagonia consumers are cult-like in their loyalty. Question is: Why? This is where the Brand Ecosystem Model was inspired.

Realizing the core customer’s needs and tendencies as they grew in understanding the Patagonia brand, the ensuing strategy used every consumer touch point as both means to strengthen brand relationship and drive purchasing.

The mental framework governed the strategy at Patagonia beginning in 2006. It sparked the turn around of the direct business that continues to grow at double digit pace today. For a privately held organization with a slow growth mentality, the shift was stunning.

The end result is a successfully integrated multi-channel marketing platform spanning five points of sales distribution: wholesale, catalog, eCommerce, branded retail, and pro-purchase.