Public versus Private

What's the difference between private and public workshops?

Private workshops are workshops conducted for one company only, typically on site at your venue. We also offer workshops open to several companies at the same time, typically 5-10 companies will attend. All of the information on this page is specific to private workshops.

How do I find out about public workshops?

For details of upcoming public workshops please contact us directly at



How much do the private workshops cost?

Please contact us at for pricing. As much as we'd love to share this detail online, every client has particular needs that affect pricing. 

Who leads (teaches) the workshops?

Training is lead by the author of The Compass and the Nail, Craig Wilson. Pre and Post event consultations are also provided. Contact us for the full understanding of how your experience can be customized to fit your needs.

Are travel costs included in the per day price?

No, all travel costs are in addition to workshop fees.


Logistics and Scheduling

How does the schedule work?

Each client is required to start with the Introductory workshop Brand Ecosystem Training. This sets the stage for the Advanced DIY workshop Architecting Loyalty.  Typically 4-6 weeks are required between workshops because there is some homework assigned post the Starter event that is prerequisite.  

How many people can attend a workshop?

Any number ranging up to 50 people. If there are more please contact us to discuss options.

Who should attend?

Ideally your leadership team, all department heads, and anyone dealing with any consumer facing experience.

What sort of facility is required?

You choose. Ideally it's a comfortable space, conducive to discussion, with enough space to accommodate your team and our trainers. We like lots of wall space. We’ll send you guidelines in advance.

What else?

A large presentation screen is required and a good size white board, chalk board, or blank wall for large sticky notepads. We'll send a full list of required supplies well in advance. It's a simple list.

How far in advance do I need to book workshops?

3-4 weeks minimum.

When are you coming to our city?

If your city is Los Angeles, we will be there Wednesday, September 27th. We are also ready any time to visit your company for the on-site workshops described above. Click here for more information on our group workshop


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