Compass and Nail is the first of its kind—We are a Brand Loyalty Architecture Company—We design and architect Brand Ecosystems that create advocates.

We help transform companies large and small, scaling them into profitable, sustainable enterprises.

/ If your company has the potential to scale, we as a collective have the expertise to realize that potential

/ If your company seeks greater profitability we boast the only methodology that holistically measures and predicts advocacy creation, which we’ve proven increases profitability 40-70%

/ If your company practices any level of sustainability or is interested in doing so, we can help lower your impact and tell your story so that your customers get it, appreciate it, and value it uniquely


Our Secret Sauce...

We employ a proprietary system developed over the past decade called the Brand Ecosystem Model. It has been employed in over 40+ different circumstances to initiate and sustain significant revenue growth over the short, medium and long-term by architecting radical customer loyalty.  The Brand Ecosystem Model has proven successful with start-ups as well as existing brands looking to scale and with brands in turn around. It is a scientific process that nets the keys to how and why loyal customer behavior happens. We then design, and architect, the tenets that drive long-term, sustainable engagement into the totality of the user experience to invigorate sales and growth.

It all starts with asking one question: Why do some companies create such strong affection for their brands that their customers feel compelled to become active brand champions?  Creating those brand champions is what we do best. We've proven the creation of these brand champions is the foundation for growth: and therefore, these long-term repeat buyers are the focus of our model, the Brand Ecosystem Model.

The Brand Ecosystem Model is the linchpin to predicting and architecting profitability and scalability. It predicts why a customer will transact in response to what you do as a brand; and, it predicts why that customer will continue to buy repeatedly over time or if that customer will not continue purchasing. It's our proprietary method for turning prospects into long-term brand advocates, ultimately leading to greater sales velocity and sustainable growth. On average, practitioners (our clients) realize a 40-70% increase in contribution dollars over a 24 month period. For a $20M business with $5M in contribution dollars that translates into an additional $2M to $3.5M.

This model organizes our work and provides a detailed understanding of the messages and experiences that matter most in terms of creating a lasting bond between any brand and its customer. 


Services & Capabilities

/ Activating Cheerleaders — The creation and optimization of repeat purchase behavior  

/ Business Strategy in a Multi-Channel Environment

/ Re-Branding to Scale — Brand growth strategy creation 

/ Customer Journey Mapping

/ Multi-Channel Marketing Planning & Optimization (Digital/Print/Social)

/ Direct to Consumer Optimization — Establish the process and structure for eCommerce and DTC Marketing

/ Content Strategy & Development for Customer Acquisition and Retention

/ Database Marketing & Analytics — Measuring brand loyalty by Migration Rate and Cheerleader development

/ Sustainability Practice Optimization, Development and Marketing 

/ Agile eCommerce Design & Development

/ Media Model Development and Optimization

/ Outsource eCommerce Operations  — Plan, implement, manage

/ Influencer Program Development

/ Amazon Strategy Optimization