Lodger Footwear

Selling a $1,000 dollar pair of fine bespoke men’s shoes online is a tall order. Yet, that’s exactly what a former Adidas executive had in the plans for his new English brand. 

In start-up mode, with 3 months to launch, Lodger arrived on our doorstep in distress. Having gone to Hong Kong for development, their site was, well, frankly… a mess. Outside of the crazy time line, other major hurdles included price point, fit, returns, customer service, and a conservative development budget. Our recommendation, start over. We streamlined our strategic planning process to meet the myriad challenges. It wasn’t all bad though. Lodger’s founder ate, talked, breathed, and slept shoes. He was in love with his product, and it showed. Our focus within the site and product architecture became his voice. His travels to North Hampton to prototype designs, discussions around construction, quality and fashion became the fodder that drove conception.

The result, a product display focused site with huge, gracious imagery and depth on demand content tapping the Italian and English provenance living in his shoes. Apart from the site being stunningly beautiful and simple visually, Lodger was positioned as a brand for shoe lovers, aficionados who buy for love of craftsmanship, heritage and style rather than brand badge. The project saw significant milestones in a very short period of time.

  • Opened up a retail flagship in London on Clifford Street, in 2008
  • Launched Direct to Consumer online shortly after 
  • Reached break-even in 16 months from launch
  • Was selected "Best Emerging British Luxury Brand" (Walpole, 2009 & 2010) 
  • Was sold in 2011 for an undisclosed amount