Brand Ecosystem Training: Introductory 1-Day Starter Workshop 


Module I

From Brand to Cult

The Tools that Drive Loyalty—2-Hour Seminar

This 2-hour seminar will transform how you think about your company. Through the lens of The Brand Ecosystem Model you’ll learn how iconic companies like Apple, Patagonia, and Harley Davidson transform average customers into advocates.  And more importantly you’ll learn the functional tools that drive brand loyalty, how to measure the efficacy of creating long-term sustainable customers, and why they are the engine of revenue growth and profitability.


Module II

Scaling Without Selling Out

How Companies Scale & Maintain Authenticity—2-Hour Seminar

In this 2-hour session you’ll learn the logic and model of how companies scale revenue and profit while maintaining their founding principles and authenticity. We juxtapose two parallel brands to underscore the concept: one bankrupt and one iconic success. You’ll learn the key principles that drove these respective brands’ histories and the decisions that sealed their fates; and, you’ll learn how to apply them in your own circumstance to avoid the most common mistakes managers make when attempting to scale. 


Module III

Creating Advocates

The Blueprint for Creating Brand Advocate Superheroes—3-Hour Interactive Session 

Loyal customer behavior is the only thing (yep, we said it) that drives growth, profitability, and guarantees increased shareholder value. Rally your leadership around this concept by learning in this 3-hour module how to measure, manage, and scale brand equity. This seminal work defines True CRM, both qualitatively and quantitatively, that drives loyal customer behavior. Bring your abacus because the math is liberating. If you are in private equity or selling to PE, you’ll be especially interested to understand how this model is a predictor of growth and shareholder value,