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Coors Light launched a campaign in early 2016 challenging people to climb their own “mountains” in an attempt to appeal to both men and women. You can watch the full video on Ad Age.

All things considered, a well crafted campaign, pitch, brand message, what have you, if it were 1960.

Everyone has a mountain to climb. A challenge that calls them higher. 
A half marathon. A rodeo. The next great American novel. Guitar 101.
At Coors Light, our mountain is brewing the World’s most refreshing beer.
Our mountains make us who we are.
Your mountains make you who you are.
Whatever your mountain. Climb on.
— Coors, Golden Colorado

And yet, would it not be more interesting to know what Coors' mountains actually are? What might be the challenges they've faced, those things that have made them who they are, the things that shape them today, everyday? The world has moved on and beyond this sort of vapid Mad Men poetry. It's a show me, don't tell me world. Our curiosities are driven by the reality of the moment, the truth. Respect your audience. Share something real. Something meaningful. Something heartfelt.