Service Design

Clever, but is there more?

Culture Eats Strategy for Lunch is the title of a 2012 article by Shawn Parr, Guvner & CEO of Bulldog Drummond. The gist is culture is in many ways more powerful than branding and marketing. That culture is ultimately what attracts customers and aligns strategy, product and service. And in fact, it’s culture that drives brand identity and marketing messaging. Agreed.

Knowing this, now what?

How do you go from knowing culture is all powerful to creating yours? Or better yet, how do you manifest your unique culture into every nuance of your organization and customer experience?

Map it.

Take a trip through each and every shopping pathway and customer experience and map every experience. If you have a defined culture, a set of values and beliefs by which your organization thrives, make certain it manifests at the far reaches of your customer’s experience. If it lives there, it will live throughout your company.