Architecting Loyalty Workshop
to Nov 8

Architecting Loyalty Workshop

Day 1 September 27th: Introductory Workshop—The Brand Ecosystem Model (read more...)

Module One

From Brand to Cult: Learn how the Brand Ecosystem Model works via case studies of Patagonia, prAna, Wanderlust, among others

Module Two

Scaling Without Selling Out: Scaling as a function of creating a loyal user base; avoid the pitfalls of discounting, promotions, and lower quality, while scaling profitably

Module Three

Creating Advocates: Learn the specifics of how to manage and measure the creation of advocates, the actual measure of brand equity. 

Module Four

Business Model Generation: The Five Bonds of Loyalty describes the business models brands employ to acquire and retain customers. Learn how to leverage each or a combination thereof to create advantage in the market place regardless of competition.

Module Five

Optimizing Your Value Chain: Learn a simple, but comprehensive process for designing and architecting meaningful customer experiences at every touch point in your brand universe.


4-6 Week Window Dedicated to Research

To prepare for crafting your unique Brand Ecosystem Model a clear understanding is required of your best customer's path to loyalty. We will prepare you to conduct this research at the end of day one or we can conduct the research for you.  


Day 2 November 8th: Creating Your Unique Loyalty Architecture—Build Your Brand Ecosystem Model (read more...)

Step One: Craft Your Customer Activation Cycle

Step Two: Build Your Story Universe

Step Three: Apply the Five Bonds of Loyalty generating your business model


How it Works

1)  Pre-workshop homework

There is immense benefit reading The Compass and the Nail in advance of the workshop. This will help you begin contemplating some of the key questions broached in class regarding what drives customer acquisition and adoption and how well your unique value proposition is crafted currently and how it's creating value in the market place.

2)  Attend the Introductory 1-Day Starter Workshop

Your team works in a collaborative environment to understand the Brand Ecosystem Model and how it can be applied specifically for your brand.

3)  Conduct the required customer research

Either your team or ours can conduct the research and compile findings  

4)  Attend Day Two Creating Your Unique Loyalty Architecture. 


Logistics & Pricing

Where is the event?

The Los Angeles Cleantech Incubator. See the map below. 

How much does it cost?

$7,500 per company up to 3 people. Includes: 2 all-day training sessions and 2 post-workshop phone sessions (pricing does not include research).

How many people attend?

Maximum of 30 attendees.

What should we bring?

The book and whatever you need to take notes and sketch concepts (laptop, tablet, phone, pads of paper, pencil, etc.).

What if we need additional help?

We are available by the minute, by the hour, or we can step in and collaborate with you directly on a project basis.

Or, contact hello@compassandnail for additional information.

The Los Angeles Cleantech Incubator, San Francisco

The Los Angeles Cleantech Incubator, San Francisco

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