Architecting Loyalty: An Advanced 3-Day DIY Workshop


Day I

Grow Your Own Apple

Creating Your Unique Loyalty Architecture—Full-Day Hands-On Session

The Customer Activation Cycle is our proprietary method for turning prospects into long-term brand advocates, ultimately leading to greater sales velocity and sustainable growth. It is the only model that predicts why, when, and how a customer will buy based on what you do as a brand. In this full day workshop we will work directly with you to craft your brand's Customer Activation Cycle identifying the milestone strategies, tactics, and customer understanding that will optimize your acquisition and long-term retention metrics.


Day II

Business Model Generation

Applying The Five Bonds of Loyalty and Story Universe—Full-Day Hands-On Session

In this full-day workshop you’ll learn the business models brands employ to acquire and retain customers. Then, your team will devise the appropriate approach across the Five Bonds of Loyalty for your company specifically. Couple this with learning how to define the stories that are most relevant to creating advocates and you have all the makings of your very own Loyalty Architecture. In this all-day workshop you will build your own Brand Ecosystem Model.



Optimizing Your Value Chain

Designing the User Experience that Creates Advocates—Full-Day Hands-On Session 

The culmination of the previous 3 days and homework is designing and architecting meaningful customer experiences at every touch point across your brand landscape. In this all day workshop you’ll map the Customer Activation Cycle tactics and Story Universe stories to every possible customer interaction in order to Acquire > Adopt > Progress > Retain customers across the entire service landscape of your organization.