Architecting Loyalty—An Advanced 1-Day Workshop 

Build Your Brand Ecosystem Model

Once your team has attended the Introductory Starter Workshop you're ready to build your own Brand Ecosystem Model in three steps.


Step 1: Craft Your Customer Activation Cycle

The Customer Activation Cycle is our proprietary method for turning prospects into long-term brand advocates, ultimately leading to greater sales velocity and sustainable growth. It is the only model that predicts why, when, and how a customer will buy based on what you do as a brand. In this session we will work directly with to apply your research findings to craft your brand's Customer Activation Cycle identifying the milestone strategies, tactics, and customer understanding that will optimize your acquisition and long-term retention metrics.


Step 2: Build Your Story Universe

The true power of a brand’s identity is leveraged by relatively few. The challenge is consistently communicating value that manifests in the mind of the consumer uniquely. The Story Universe is the tool that defines the events that are most relevant to advocates and collectively define your brand. Learn how to identify, catalog, and organize the every aspect of your company assuring you cover all the possible impressions a customer might draw allowing the consumer to make them into a coherent story.


Step 3: Apply The Five Bonds of Loyalty—Business Model Generation

You will learn the five business models brands employ to acquire and retain customers. Then, your team will devise the appropriate approach across these Five Bonds of Loyalty for your company specifically. 


Outputs from Day Two

  1. Affinity Ladder

  2. Loyalty Ladder

  3. Customer Activation Cycle

  4. Story Universe

  5. Five Bonds of Loyalty